PREVENT is made for Residential Use. 
Easier to Store - Use as needed with standard garden sprayer before the Storm 
LB Solutions “Prevent” creates a barrier between the pavement and snow making it easier to remove snow from surfaces.  “Prevent” also helps aid in the prevention of ice formation and in some instances can eliminate the accumulation of light snow falls. Unlike granular products, once dried “Prevent” will not track onto other surfaces.  As a sodium chloride solution “Prevent” is environmentally friendlier than regular rock salt and less expensive than calcium or magnesium based solutions.

Application:  Pour contents into a hand held sprayer.  Apply contents to dry surface until surface is wet and let dry.  Contents can be applied up to 2 days in advance of forecasted precipitation.  Product will remain on surface until moisture is received.  If no moisture is received then product will need to be reapplied before next forecasted event.  One gallon will cover approximately 1,500 square feet when applied to dry surfaces.  If product is applied to an already wet surface or as a treatment after a snow and ice event then it may take up to 3 times as much product.

Cautions:  Product will become diluted and lose its effectiveness as moisture is added to raw or applied product.  Applying any liquids to an already slippery surface can increase the potential for an accident.  The effectiveness of this product in any application will vary on temperature and other conditions that are beyond the manufacturer’s control.  Consumers must assume all risk and liability resulting from the handling, storage, use, and application of this product.  Brine will continue to lose its effectiveness as the temperatures continue to fall below 15°F with a freeze point of -5°F.  Limit the amount of product applied to vegetation.  If product is accidentally consumed drink sufficient amounts of water to flush the body of additional salt intake.  If product comes into contact with the skin or eyes simply rinse skin and flush eyes with water.

Water                        76.7%
Sodium Chloride    23.3%